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The first act of disobedience is contemplation.


Just now a rock took fright when it saw me. It escaped by playing dead.

Norbert Mayer

This morning
I followed my heart
To find a parting gift.

I was drawn to a mushroom with a heart on it.

The mushroom told me
“Love is also found in the forces of destruction”

And I was reminded,
Love is stronger than death,
And that it is in parting
That the face of love is most brightly seen.

Harpers magazine estimates that 1900 Americans die from properly prescribed pharmaceuticals each week. Confirming Harper’s figures, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association also estimates that 2.2 million Americans are either permanently disabled by or hospitalized with serious complications from pharmaceuticals each year. In contrast, NBC Prevention News (in information supplied by the American botanical council) estimate that of the 60 million Americans who use herbal medicines, each year only 2 people die from properly prescribed botanicals. (One person each year is estimated to die from properly prescribed vitamins)

from Stephen Harrod Buhner.

(as pointed out from the comments, percentages would tell a more accurate story - antibiotics would be an interesting case study - as we know that it certainly does save lives.

in contrast to this quote I offer a post from Frank R Litchenberg

About how new drugs do save lives. ( I would also note that at the bottom of this article it describes the writer as

”..a professor at the Columbia UniversityGraduate School of Businessand a research associate of theNational Bureau of Economic Research. Some of his previous research has been funded by unrestricted grants from the pharmaceutical industry.” 

Those unrestricted grants have a lot to say about how the movement of opinions are swayed. Money moves statistics around, and any mathematician knows you can use statistics to prove or disprove anything you want)

People often jump to conclusions about things, especially when it threatens their own health or lives. Its important to think critically when investigating medicine. Nothing is black and white. As Carl Sagan might say, Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 

The Future of Food - Introduction

If you can find the full documentary, its well worth a watch . Unfortunately I can’t find the full version on Youtube. (i did find what seems like a load of misleading propaganda films, trying to supersede this film though! )

Media Lens - Media Lens - News Analysis and Media Criticism

I am often made aware by my friends of the fact that I don’t watch the news, therefor I don’t know what is going on in the world.

Firstly I say in response, usually, that the news is only one mini perspective of what is going on in the “world”; on a more metaphorical level, there are “many worlds”. 

However,  I do wish to keep my view of reality fairly accurate, so over the last year I have been dipping into this website, to keep me up to date. It is one of the few media awareness raisers out there that I really trust the opinions of. Check it out.